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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Meet the Teacher Night

Tonight is our annual Meet the Teacher Night. We're trying somethig a little different this year to encourage parents to attend. We've found that trying to get parents actively involved in their child's education can be somewhat difficult... soo... We're raffling off a color TV. This idea first was presented to me by Rebecca Dufour ("Getting Started", "Whatever it Takes") so had mentioned it being a great motivator to get parents to an event. Some of my staff members seem to think it's a little ridiculous but I'm optomistic. I'm expecting a crowd.

We're also offering child care. We're using the projector to show a movie in the gym. It's so important that our teachers get an opportunity to "sell" their classrooms to parents. This is their opportunity to get parents on board with what they are doing in their rooms. It's also a great chance to secure volunteers.

How many of you are doing Meet the Teacher Nights or Open Houses. What are some ideas you have to improve attendance?



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